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advantages of consumer behaviour

In India also there are a large number of laws in this direction like Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practices Act (MRTP)., Essential Commodities Act., Consumer Protection Act, compulsory printing of maximum retail price on each packing, weights and Measures Act and Code of Advertising. It is equally true for fashion goods like garments, cosmetics, cigarettes and new flavours of existing products. Setting prices is one of the important & difficult task for any business. Consumer behaviour is a complex, dynamic, multi-dimensional process, and all marketing decisions are based on assumptions about consumer behaviour. Impulse – Chocolates, tic tacs, ice cream. For example, Kids have more interest in toys during their childhood but as they grow up as teenagers they lose all their interest. The most vulnerable stage for the customer is the evaluation of alternatives. This information helps in understanding the behaviour of the customers. However, there is dispute whether customer should be influenced or not and what methods should be applied to influence him. Here the consumer is aware of advantages of that shop in terms of wide variety of goods, wide selection, good quality, easy availability, good behaviour of salesman, after sale services etc. Someone claims that baldness can be cured by replanting of new hairs in short period. 6. Consumer behaviour has an important role in improving the standards of living of people. Consumer behavior incorporates ideas from several sciences including psychology, biology, chemistry, and economics. Producers of hair oils claim that it will stop falling of hairs and/or new hairs will start growing. Asked by Wiki User. Consumer Behaviour Models – Family Decision making model. All over the world consumers have been exploited by sales promotion schemes and campaigns. Shorter feedback loops. It is the behaviour which consumer display while searching for product and willing to make a purchase. He may be user i.e. 2007-10-30 10:49:04 2007-10-30 10:49:04. … They can easily predict future demands & focus on their operations. Studying consumer behavior helps companies to analyze the various factors that influence the buying decision of customers. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'commercemates_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_8',172,'0','0'])); Businesses use customer relationship management technology to understand their consumers properly. It decides the personality, taste, attitudes of individuals or groups, life style, preferences especially on occasions like marriage. According to another author the consumer behaviour is “the behaviour that consumer display in scanning for purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. But with the competition emerging many cars, refrigerators, TV’s to mention a few items appeared on the scene. If the trainer implementing the live model and trainer himself is the model, the cost will not as high as other methods. Understanding consumer behavior helps companies build a loyal clientele. This will help in proper designing of product portfolio for the businesses. “When producers found that even a poor person does not mind trying a new costly product if it is available in affordable price pack many companies introduced such packaging and when the product was liked they became regular customers. Disclaimer 9. Nature and Importance of Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research – Meaning, Scope, Objectives & Process, Consumer Awareness:- Consumer Rights and Responsibilities. Answer. Top Answer. All four factors are dependent on each other and influence the decision making process of a consumer. If there are competitive goods it can help them to make consumer preference chart and then decide what to buy immediately and what to postpone and what should be rejected. It basically depends on the psychology of the consumer. Consumer behaviour study helps the businesses in understanding their customers. Therefore, based on consumer research new techniques are used Hindustan Lever and Procter & Gamble for Surf Ultra and Ariel has brought in producers of cloth Bombay Dyeing and Reliance to testify claims of producers of these washing powders. The marketers study the behaviour of consumer to mold it in favour of their product and sometimes make fancy claims and use objectionable techniques. Companies can quickly learn about consumer experiences with products … Every business product portfolio must consist of all class of products. Through observation and research, there have been developed several models which further explains the buying behavior of consumers and which includes black box, personal variables as well as complex models. They also take the help to produce and market such products which have no utility. We’ve seen differences in consumer behavior across geographic markets and demographic groups, and those differences will only widen during the recovery phase, given that the health, economic, and social impact of COVID-19 isn’t uniform. Product portfolio refers to a set of different products offered by businesses. The purpose of this study is to examine the benefits of direct marketing on the consumer behavior. In case of equipment’s whether for consumer use or industrial use is affected by technological innovations and features. Understanding their behaviour will help in easy understanding of factors affecting customers buying decisions. These activities should affect the psychology of customers directly & inducing them in buying. Different consumers respond differently to the market. Consumer behaviour enables the businesses in easy forecasting of sales & demand forecasting. Here the consumer is aware of advantages of that shop in terms of wide variety of goods, wide selection, good quality, easy availability, good behaviour of salesman, after sale services etc. and therefore he is attached to the shop. It attempts to understand the buyer decision making process both individually & in groups. In food items it is taste which decides whether consumer will buy it or not. The importance of consumer behavior is also evident when it comes to anticipating consumer wants and … Knowledge-technical or otherwise and information. It refers to the actions of the consumers in the marketplace and the underlying motives for those actions. Consumer behavior is deeply influenced by cultural factors, such as the buyer’s culture, subculture, and social class. In short the consumer behaviour implies study of behaviour of purchaser of all goods and services whether purely consumer goods, intermediate goods or capital goods. Consumer buying behavior is an art and science studied by major corporates, and one which marketers are trying to influence and affect at all times. Helps in Sales Promotion. Manufacturers of diesel generator sets, refrigerators, electric iron, pressure cookers etc. Customer perception is a process where a customer collects information about a product and interprets the information to make a meaningful image about a particular product. Report a Violation, Importance of Studying Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour: Meaning, Significance and Determinants, Factors Influencing the Thinking and Decision of a Consumer. The study implies study of all these behaviour and the technique of study is different for different items. … Moreover, every individual acts … Any number of examples can be given but such claims sometimes even by big companies are only partially true. In other worlds it implies study of attitude of all consumers in disposing of their resources. The marketing personnel study consumer behaviour to find out what can be sold and what goods or services are likely to be rejected. Understanding customer behaviour helps the businesses in easy understanding demand of market. Someone claims regeneration of vitality even in old person. Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behavior is the study of when, why, how and where people do or do not buy a product. Hence, different factors are of different importance to consumers depending on the product or service. Establish the firm’s marketing objective: The study of consumer behavior helps the marketer to … There are many other instances when a new product has been developed or reoriented to again capture its old glorious position. Wiki User Answered . It should have products for all class of peoples in the market. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 2. Consumer behaviour is different for different region, states and countries. The attitude in turn depends upon many economic, social, cultural and climatic factors. Advantages of Study of Consumer Behaviour. The study of consumer behaviour helps to find-out why consumers are drifting away from a product or why they are not liking it. I think that analyzing consumer behavior too much is useless because it changes fairly frequently. (2013) on consumer segmentation based on buying and returning behaviour stated that although a vast amount of data is collected through e-commerce, it is seldom used to identify the change in consumer behaviours over the period of time. It differs from place to place. It is a database which collects & store different information about their customers. Consumers purchase products and services as and when need arises. It directly influences the demand for its products in the market. In India there is Consumer Protection Act to safeguard consumer’s interest. What are the advantages of studying consumer behavior … This is not an isolated case but this type of study had paid good results to others also. The impact of consumer behavior on society is also of relevance. Consumer behavior is the study of what influences individuals and organizations to purchase certain products and support certain brands. The role every member of a family plays in the purchase decision is unique. Understanding their behaviour helps in analysing the reasons for which they are going for competitors’ products. also adopted the strategy and benefited. Advantages … For example, aggressive marketing of high fat foods, or aggressive marketing of easy credit, may have serious repercussions for the national health and economy. It defines the way in which consumers purchase products & services for satisfying their wants. Change Behaviors. Government decisions, laws, distribution policies, production policies have also big affect on consumer behaviour. Privacy Policy 8. Therefore, marketing the product should be done in such a way that it will convince customers to buy the product … Put your product next to dozens of others and with the right packaging, advertising, and placement, it’s going to be the one consumers choose every single time. It will help them in understanding their likes and dislikes and also the factors influencing their buying decisions. Most authors confine consumer behaviour to consumption goods and take capital goods only casually or do not study them at all. Setting Prices. There are several stages a consumer goes … In certain cases the price of such cloth is three to eight times of normal suiting price but some section still buy it for prestige or show. It is because till recently say up to the beginning of 90’s there was sellers market and anything could be sold. Consumer Behaviour: Notes, Question and Answers, Examples, Process, Factors, Models & Strategies in Marketing 1. This chapter starts by distinguishing consumer behavior research methods based on the type of data used, being either secondary or primary. Need for studying consumer behaviour. People who spend more and buy luxury items are considered rich and high-status people by society. The impact of consumer behavior on society is also of relevance. Hence most of countries have framed and enacted many acts and regulations to safe guard the interest of consumers. Marketers should have perfect knowledge of their target customers buying behaviour. It also includes study of behaviour of those who are consultant, advisers and give their opinion to buy and not to buy particular thing and the study of factors which influence their advice/opinion. It basically depends on the psychology of the consumer. 100 or more. Benefits studying consumer behavior? They take full advantage of weaknesses of consumers to mold it in their favour whether it is scheme of exchange, gifts, lotteries or otherwise. After study of consumer behaviour through market research or otherwise manufacturer tries to find out how sales can be pushed of existing products, what changes are required in existing products, what changes are required to get larger market share. For high income group’s high priced cloth, cars, etc have been produced. They do not like to spend on luxury items despite having enough funds due to their psychological factors. 2 ball pen or fancy pen costing Rs. The demonstration influence is also dependent upon psychology of an individual. It studies the individual consumers such as demographics & behavioural aspects to understand the people’s wants. In this guide we’ll take a look at the different aspects … Segmentation & Targeting helps in serving customers properly. There are ads for removing baldness by certain oils or creams. December 1, 2020 / in Questions Uploads / by Hannah Wangui. Consumer perception is a major factor that influences consumer behavior. The service should, therefore, be personalized, effective, and result in greater customer satisfaction.. As the purpose of a franchised network is to establish uniformity of image amongst all its franchisees, a consumer … Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour: 1. Deciding which benefits are essential, which are desirable, which do not matter and which are actually not benefits at all but drawbacks is the starting point for all rational decisions. Business managers who fail to understand the factors, won’t meet … After understanding consumer behaviour, it becomes easy to segment different customers into different classes. Therefore, the level of spending directly influences a person’s living standards. All these factors are studied by consumer behaviour scientists and then they decide what production and marketing strategy should be adopted to develop a particular product, change the existing product and what pricing and marketing mix should be used to attract more customers towards the product/service in question to optimize sales and profits. They have a different approach from an urban population related to buying decision. Whether they should buy Rs. Self-driving cars will use their … Meaning and Definition: Consumer behaviour is the study of how individual customers, groups or organizations select, buy, use, and dispose ideas, goods, and services to satisfy their needs and wants. The consumers often are guided by their income, emotions, opinion of others and they do not undertake study of their behaviour whether it is scientific or not. (Bennett 1995) This definition has the advantage that it regards consumer behaviour as dynamic, and emphasises the interaction of many different elements in determining consumer behaviour… This strategy was followed, by Akai T.V. The decisions are also influenced by education, stage of economic development, life style, information, size of family and host of other factors. Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Consumer behaviour is affected by a number of factors. The fact however remains that proper study can help in pushing sales. In certain cases this fact is advertised also. … It gave tough competition to Hindustan Lever, Surf the market leader and today Nirma has become a big producer. This resulted into study of consumer behaviour and in future when competition is expected to be fierce for many products and when not only American and European producers will be on the scene but Japan and Korea are emerging big players there will be much greater emphasis on study of consumer behaviour. Commerce Mates is a free resource site that presents a collection of accounting, banking, business management, economics, finance, human resource, investment, marketing, and others. Black-box model: This model is based upon external stimulus-response which means that a point triggers the consumer’s mind to make a purchasing … Before launching a new product proper study of consumer tastes i.e. It is an old saying that customer is the ‘king’ because he is the person on whose decision demand of any product or service is dependent. Various factors, be it cultural, social, personal or psychological influence the buying decision of individuals. In certain societies and tribes group decision is taken or influences the decision. CULTURAL FACTORS. For instance producers certain producers claim that use of their tooth paste will guard against germs and cavity. Billing for supplies like energy or water could become much more accurate using real time information. He has to produce what is demanded or what can be demanded. If the business is able to forecast about the future it can easily take several advantages. Then there are purely consumer goods with short life and once they are used they extinguish. The behaviour of consumers for all these products are taken on different considerations than short term consumer goods like fruits, juices, ice-cream or milk. Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behavior is the study of when, why, how and where people do or do not buy a product. Today I am going to answer all of the questions. Companies will be able to assess individual shopper inventories and consumer behaviors to predict and deliver goods to homes before they even realize they are running low. Plagiarism Prevention 4. Verify behavior or events. Click here to download a copy … Normative and behavioral beliefs are beyond doubt critical factors that influence the final behavioral intention of consumers. While behavior theories may differ in their take on how human behavior arises, the benefits of these theories include changed behavior, improved self-belief and greater self-confidence. This will increase sales & revenue for business. Teenagers like to spend heavily on bikes, cars, cell phones and branded clothes to look attractive, but they would not spend much on their academics. UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 9 Table 1.1 Consumer behaviour and the seven Ps Product The bundle of benefits consumers acquire is the basis of their decision- making. There are many more such examples. But in many cases this has been done without study of consumer behaviour and his attraction or disliking of a particular packaging. Consumer behaviour is crucial for marketers to perform their duties effectively. By understanding consumer behaviour, it becomes easy to determine whether the customer is price concerned or quality concerned. Consumer behaviour varies from product to product. TOS 7. Consumer behaviour is a systematic process consisting of a series of steps involved in buying decisions of consumers. There are several stages a consumer goes through before he finally picks up things available in the market. Actually consumer movement in India is much weaker than other developed countries because till a decade back India was sellers market and competition is of recent origin. The science at times is misused and to protect consumers there are a number of enactments both in India and other countries. Some of the advantages of study of consumer behaviour are as under: The failure rate of new products is surprisingly high not only in highly competitive econo­mies of USA, Europe and Japan etc. The science, however, can help them to study cost benefit of their buying decisions. From a small pan shop he has become a well known name in the area of Delhi-Modinagar and made huge profits. So a manufacturer does not necessarily have to analyze the behavior of all consumer groups. Understanding their behaviour will help companies to produce as per their price limit. Varies from region to region and country to county: The consumer behaviour varies across states, … “Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. It keeps on changing with the time which is due to the following changing factors: age, income level, education level of consumer. It is mainly concerned with psychology, motivations, and behavior. Now consumer behaviour eventually boils down to this step. There are five stages in consumer decision making: Problem recognition: A consumer recognizes a need to buy a product. Methodology The methodology consists of questionnaire that will be distributed over a sample of 100 Lebanese consumers in order to examine the benefits of direct marketing. Unlock the True Benefits, Value of AI Cleveland Clinic CMO: ‘And Then Came the Pandemic’ ... in the video above. It attempts to understand the buyer decision making process both individually & in groups. Buyer behavior is studied to predict buyers’ reaction in markets. Through the study he is motivated to buy or not to buy particular product. Nowadays consumers are more value conscious and they want to extract the maximum benefits from a particular product of a brand. Therefore this research will limit itself to books since this is the product that is most widely bought on the Internet. and number of other companies like Bajaj Auto Akai. The customers while buying a product goes through many steps. Similarly, introduction of small packs of shampoos, washing powder and pan masala etc has helped the companies to expand their market. It helps companies in saving their resources, time & cost. It also includes tribes, professions and alike. It basically consists of likes & dislikes of customers which influence his decision while purchasing products. Consumer if likes a packing helps in pushing sales. However, without the knowledge of technology or technological beliefs, the model can’t satisfactorily explain consumer behavior. It becomes difficult to attract customers towards your products. This helps in better fulfilling of demands of the customers. When a consumer realizes that he has a problem with the existing products, needs replacement or has … The Sociological Model of Consumer Behavior … It segments the customers according to their taste & class. A consumer may have more interest and buys more quantity of one product and buys less or even no quantity of another product. Not only the behaviour of the consumer is influenced by its status but his behaviour also reflects his status in society. This helps in satisfying the wants of their customers properly & efficiently. Behavioral theories can be used to motivate change in the short- and long-term. The buying decision of consumers involves different steps which are: Need identification to buy product, searching for information related with the product, making list and evaluating different options available, finally making a purchase decision and at last post-purchase evaluation done by the marketer. The study of consumer behaviour implies how and why a particular consumer or group reacts to decisions of producers. Slim centres claim to reduce weight in magic speedy manner. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. In theory, a consumer should benefit greatly from a franchised business because he will be dealing with an owner and not merely an employee. • Culture. Measure the impact of its strategy: The study consumer behavior allows a firm of measure the impacts of a strategy. Read this article to learn about the meaning, factors influencing, advantages and disadvantages of consumer behaviour. The study examines the effectiveness use of the email in reaching the target customers. If one studies well what factors will influence demand of a product accordingly production and marketing strategies can be framed. This is a confirmation that a single model can not completely explain consumer behavior towards acceptance of a new technology. It directly … Consumer behavior can also be influenced by personal factors, likes, dislikes, priorities, morals, and values. but they are basically consumer items with long life. What are the benefits of understanding consumer behaviour and doing consumer profiling? Innovations and introduction of new product also depends upon technological development. But whether a particular packaging is liked by consumers or not is a recent phenomenon. Customers are attracted by gifts, lotteries, exchange schemes, etc.

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