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Several high throughput technologies have been employed to identify differentially regulated genes that may be molecular targets for drug discovery. Used AFFYMETRIX GeneChip Scanner 3000 Scanner For Sale - DOTmed Listing #2116876: Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner 3000 Complete System ===== This listing is for a Complete Affymetrix Gene Chip … Cite. Loading ... GeneChip - Duration: 1:23. remyfl 38,553 views. Affymetrix, Inc., (Santa Clara, CA) announced that Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, NJ) is the first company to gain early access to the new GeneChip HighThroughputArray (HTA) Human Genome U133 Array, a standard 96-well plate which will have a GeneChip … Make an Inquiry Add To Watch List. The Affymetrix GeneChip Human Transcriptome Array 2.0 is designed to measure and analyze the transcript isoforms produced by the different modes of alternative splicing. 2006;410:3-28. doi: 10.1016/S0076-6879(06)10001-4. Alternatives to the original procedure have been proposed and some of these new methods are widely used. TeraGenomics supports rich annotation liant metadata through a MIAME-comp structure comprised of 140+ data fields using controlled vocabularies (e.g., for - 7 - Onderdeel van programma. Seller's Acceptable Currency: €1,000.00 EUR Make An Offer. Motivation: The processing of the Affymetrix GeneChip data has been a recent focus for data analysts. 90114203. Affymetrix GeneChip arrays ( 1) are used by thousands of researchers worldwide. Affymetrix ® GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G Plus ... access to microarray technology and bioinformatics at an affordable cost. Affymetrix Announces New Cost-Effective Product for Standardizing Drug Metabolism Studies Written By: Sam Savage Published Date: November 11, 2008 Last Edited: November 11, 2008 The number of publications in scientific journals based on data produced using this technology is proof of its success. Previous versions, serial number series 501, will require the 00-0110 GeneChip Scanner 3000 High- In addition to the arrays, the technology relies on standardized assays and reagents, instrumentation (fluidics system, hybridization oven and scanner), and data analysis tools that have been developed as a single platform. Sambrook, J., Fritsch, E.F., Maniatis, T. 1989. – GeneChip Operating Software (GCOS) v1.2 or higher – HT Image Reader – HT Data Transfer *GeneChip Scanner 3000 High-Resolution Update is standard on all instruments shipped starting in September, 2003 with serial number series 502. Affymetrix GeneChip Array Station w/ PC & Software Caliper Zymark SciClone ALH 3000 - Duration: 2:57. Bloomberg the Company & Its Products The Company & its Products Bloomberg Terminal Demo Request Bloomberg Anywhere Remote Login Bloomberg Anywhere Login Bloomberg Customer Support Customer Support Be the first to review this product. Molecular Cloning: A … In addition, the Affymetrix custom-made GeneChip® Targeted Genotyping (TG) system is suitable for complex genetic studies with fine resolution in candidate regions or genes. Affymetrix GeneChip 3000 System with PC and Software Installed - Complete, Working SystemIts easy to find untested, individual components of a GeneChip system on the pre-owned market, but good luck finding a complete system that has actually been tested by knowledgeable technicians.Well, we here at New Life Scientific Investeringen Groot en Middelgroot Affymetrix GeneChip Command Console Viewer - Affymetrix® GeneChip® Command Console® Software (AGCC) is the latest generation of instrument control software for GeneChip systems. Projectgegevens. Find online auctions and classified ads for new and used Affymetrix lab equipment on LabX. Affymetrix offers three versions of this system. Projectnummer. Each .dat file contains the data for one channel: Once a .dat file has been created, AGCC or GCOS automatically converts it into a .cel file, also referred An Affymetrix® GeneChip® Dynamic Model Mapping array, such as the GeneChip® Mapping 50K Array Xba and GeneChip® Mapping 50K Array Hind arrays in the GeneChip Human Mapping 100K Set, consists of a number of probe cells or features. Afgerond 1998 2004. Affymetrix GeneChip System THIS IS A MULTI-LISTING. Each probe cell contains many copies of a unique 25-base oligonucleotide probe of defined sequence. This best practice solution is for laboratories that utilize the Affymetrix GeneChip Command Console® (AGCC) and GeneChip® Operating Software (GCOS) software versions. The device combines hybridization, fluidics, scanning and basic data analysis in a single unit and is designed for a new generation of low cost GeneChip… This high-resolution array contains >6.0 million distinct probes, of which 70% of the probes cover exons for coding transcripts, and the remaining 30% cover exon-exon splice junctions and non-coding transcripts. Thermo Fisher Scientific provides innovative Affymetrix products, tools, and resources that help advance the work of researchers via microarray analysis. The affymetrix GeneChip platform: an overview Methods Enzymol. Micro Array Noise Sources •Lot-to-lot variation (chips, reagents,…) •Experiment-to-experiment variation –cell state, culture purity –sample preparation, hybridization conditions •Spot-to-spot variation –unequal dye encorporation The Affymetrix GeneChip® Expression Analysis Technical Manual is designed for use in a system consisting of a GeneChip® Fluidics Station 400, a GeneChip® Hybridization Oven and a GeneArray® Scanner. Estimate Shipping Cost. Level of Removal: Uncrated/Loose. 2 Affymetrix® GeneChip® Sequence Analysis Software User’s Guide This chapter has the following sections: † Resequencing Array Types † About this Manual Resequencing Array Types Resequencing Arrays provide an efficient and cost-effective method for resequencing large amounts of DNA. Authors Dennise D Dalma-Weiszhausz 1 , Janet Warrington, Eugene Y Tanimoto, C Garrett Miyada. New Life Scientific Inc. 642 views. I need it for analysis in R ... thank you! Abstract. Command Console Software provides an intuitive set of tools for instrument control and data management used in the processing of GeneChip … solution for managing, analyzing, and sharing Affymetrix GeneChip® expression data. To probe genes, oligonucleotides of length 25 bp are used ( 2). 2:57. Location: Antwerpen, Belgium. 10 Affymetrix® GeneChip® Targeted Genotyping Analysis Software User’s Guide 9 When opened, .dat files look similar to the example shown in Figure 2.2. This manual is a technical guide for using GeneChip expression analysis probe arrays. SKU: C46CF134-2E68-48CD-BFF9-7A90AA26EB3B. Affymetrix (GeneChip) DNA Link, Inc., the only service provider which is officially authorized by both Affymetrix and Agilent as a Certified Service Provider (CSP) in Korea, offers a wide range of SNP and expression profiling service. GeneChip cost Propietary system ... Affymetrix GeneChip system. VIEW INDIVIDUAL LISTINGS BY SCROLLING DOWN. Affymetrix GeneChip Equipment. AFFYMETRIX GENECHIP HUMAN GENOME U133 PLUS 2.0 - LOT OF 2 $ 220.00. Availability: 46 item(s) Qty: Add to Cart. Download High Res Photos. The TG system uses the molecular inversion probe (MIP) assay that enables genotyping of up to 25K SNPs in a single assay allowing for highly accurate and cost-effective fine mapping of targeted SNPs [1] . 1:23. The probe cells The GeneChip® Instrument System is a fully integrated platform for conducting your research using GeneChip® brand probe arrays. The purpose of this manual is to provide users with a comprehensive description of different terms used in GeneChip® expression analysis, to present users with information on assessing sample and array quality, and to supply instructions on how to use the Affymetrix® Microarray Suite (MAS Affymetrix Price Sheet Affymetrix, Inc. - Confidential Information 901415 GeneChip® Human Gene 1.1 ST 96-Array Plate 1 x 96 Well Plate w/out Reagents 1,339 128,544 900470 GeneChip® Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 contains 2 arrays 3,907 7,814 All protocols included in this manual have been used successfully by scientists at Affymetrix, or have Effective: Feb 2014 Euro European List Price (EURLIST) Affymetrix Price Sheet Affymetrix, Inc. - Confidential Information Rat Arrays Part Product Name Contents Per Array Total Price 902124 GeneChip® Rat Gene 2.0 ST Array contains 6 arrays €210 €1,260 Affymetrix is a brand of DNA microarray products sold by Thermo Fisher Scientific that originated with an American biotechnology research and development and manufacturing company of the same name. Status. Download Affymetrix GeneChip Command Console Viewer for free. Does anyone know where to find the cdf for LBL-Phy3b520660 Affymetrix PhyloChip G3 array. Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner 3000 Targeted Genotyping System EquipNet. GeneChip arrays are the result of the combination of a number of technologies, design criteria, and quality control processes. Hudson, MA (PRWEB) August 19, 2008 - LabCentrixSM LLC, a premier provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) consulting services and lab technology solutions, launches its Affinity™ for Affymetrix® package. The Affymetrix GeneChip system consists of the probe/gene microarray, hybridization oven, fluidics station, computer workstation and a scanner (Figure 1).Probe/Gene ArrayOligonucleotides, usually 25-mers, are directly synthesized onto a glass wafer by a combination of semiconductor-based photolithography and solid References 1. The Cologne Center for Genomics is the first institution in Germany, which operates the new multi-channel scanner GeneTitan™ MC from Affymetrix. SECTION 1 GeneChip® Expression Analysis Overview 1.1.4 Introduction and Objectives Welcome to the Affymetrix GeneChip ® Expression Analysis Technical Manual. Here we compared the sets of differentially regulated genes discovered using two experimental approaches: a subtracted suppressive hybridization (SSH) cDNA library methodology and Affymetrix GeneChip® technology.

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