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With Chad Micah Johnson, Hayden Zych, Samuel P. Espinoza, Deborah Madick. The costume is also very similar to later versions of that worn by Dick Grayson, during his time as Nightwing. 2. Bruce was furious with Terry when found him snooping around the Batcave, and kicked him out. 5. Created by: History The Beginning. Batman beyond Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Because of this, he always tries to find a way to make up for what he's done – trying his best at school, joining athletic teams, and helping others, in the hope that someday people will see him differently. A list of DC Animated Universe characters who first became prominent in Batman Beyond. His history of juvenile delinquency, albeit unwitting, draws comparisons to Jason Todd, as do the anger issues he displayed early in the series. In the subway, Terry notices a suspicious looking individualdressed in a trench coat and hat. Kaguya Shinomiya. The history of this Terry McGinnis follows the same history as that of the DCA… Paimon. Listen to all the actors who have voiced Batman / Terry McGinnis and vote for your favorite. "The Winning Edge" is the ninth episode of Batman Beyond. Batman Beyond #49 doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to time travel plotlines and while my hopes for a more in depth examination into Terry’s … 1 History 1.1 Hush Beyond 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Abilities 3 Paraphernalia 3.1 Equipment 3.2 Transportation 3.3 Weapons 4 Recommended Reading 5 Related 5.1 Footnotes Tensions were rising between Terry and Bruce when they started investigating a serial killer nicknamed by the media as Hush. Terry McGinnis is a character from DC Comics, originally appearing in the animated television series, Batman Beyond. Will Friedle (Voice) First Appearance: Despite his old age Bruce managed to help Terry fight off his attackers, before he colapsed to the ground, and McGinnis then carried Mr. Wayne back to his mansion so he could take his medication. Terry and Bruce begin checking up on old Batman villains since they are the ones this possible Hush is targeting. Batman Beyond meets Supergirl. Terry McGinnis is Bruce Wayne's successor as Batman. When Terry decides to search for Hush on his own, Bruce activates the Bat-Wraiths. Terry McGinnis was sent back in time to stop Brother Eye from taking over the world. Terrence McGinnis is a fictional superhero appearing in media published by DC Entertainment. The woman seems to have powers like Superman of his own time but is badly out number. Melanie Walker (also known as Ten) is a recurring character of Batman Beyond. 1 History (Submitted by Oracle 2.0) 1.1 Terry McGinnis: 2025 - 2027 1.2 Batman Beyond: 2027 -? By Andrew Dyce Jul 26, 2019 The original Batman Beyond … Batman Beyond (2014 Short) Batman / Terry McGinnis. Ray. History Edit. Both for example had families when they met Bruce Wayne. Terry originally assumed the role of Batman for his father, but eventually sees it as a chance to help people and to look like a worthwhile human being again, in his own eyes if in no one else's. Main Charactersnote Batman II (Terry McGinnis), Bruce Wayne, Maxine Gibson, Dana Tan, Ace, Barbara Gordon Bruce Wayne McGinnis Familynote Warren … Directed by Brock Zych. Batman Beyond #49 doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to time travel plotlines and while my hopes for a more in depth examination into Terry’s relationship with his father and Bruce … After verifying the Mad Hatter's safety, Terry finds the killer attacking a nurse and manages to scare the killer off, but is soon shocked when asking the nurse what the killer said to hear, and learning that he was telling her to " Hush.". Ironically while Tim lost his mother shortly after he began his time as Robin, leaving him with only his Father, Terry lost his father prior to becoming Batman, leaving him to support his mother and brother. Terry, Dana, Maxine and Howard walk out of the Majestic Theater after watching the classic movie Casablanca. Tim held a personal relationship with a girl named Ariana, but had conflicting feelings for Stephanie Brown, with whom he, as Robin, would frequently interact with during her activity as Spoiler, while Terry had an occasionally strained relationship with Dana Tan, but also had feelings for, later reformed criminal, Melanie Walker, also known as Ten of the Royal Flush Gang. Terry and Dana then share a sweet kiss, before Terry heads off into the subway. Batman,is a superhero from DC Comics and the successor of the original Batman and is hence commonly known as Batman Beyond. Father was alone with only this new Batman, Terry, for company; Damian wasn't going to stay long enough to be able to say much to help them. They greatly amplify a person's strength, but are illegal and also highly addictive. Not one to give up Terry then decides to take matters into his own hands and sneaks into Wayne Manor to steal the Bat suit for himself. He is voiced by Will Friedle also voices Ron Stoppablein Kim Possible,Nightwingin Batman Unlimited andBlue Beetlein Batman: The Brave and the Bold. A lot of the fights were brutal and challenging, with an impressive use of gadgets and old tech and weapons from the original Batman: The Animated Series. Nov 9, 2020 - Explore Eric Torres's board "Batman beyond terry" on Pinterest. Terry and Dana begin to talk, with Dana revealing it was nice to spend quality time together, but is upset of how his job interferes. Will Friedle. Terrence "Terry" McGinnis aka Batman is a superhero of the future Gotham City and is the main protagonist in Batman Beyond comic books and TV series. With Will Friedle, Kevin Conroy, Max Brooks, Shiri Appleby. Diluc. For good. Terry's fighting style is far more acrobatic than his predecessor's which further compares to Grayson, or for that matter most of the Robins. He is then greeted by Micron who asked Terry if he would like to join up with the Justice League, only to be turned down by Terry once again. Directed by Brock Zych. During this time, Batman also encountered a new Catwoman, who easily evade captu… Batman Beyond "Rebirth" Batman Beyond is a cartoon series set in the future of the DC Animated Universe.It stars Terry McGinnis, a high school student who takes on the role of Batman under the tutelage of the original Dark Knight, the now-retired Bruce Wayne. Terry grapples with Hush as he accidentally shoves him down a large hole in the ground as a Bat-Wraith is flying out, it spears Hush and they both fall down the hole where an explosion occurs killing Hush. A sweet, innocent girl Adalyn has always seen Batman since that day when Batman beat her father to a pulp. Though Terry was a largely original character, he had many qualities that draw allusion to others that existed at the time, and even a few that have come about since his creation. 153 Views. Both an old friend and a new enemy threaten to rock Terry's boat a little more than it already is. Terry joins him and Catwoman to stop Hush from destroying the city with an armory of explosives in Mad Stan's hideout. The Bat-Wraiths were for a backup plan if Terry died, or if Bruce takes the suit from him, when a wraith finds Hush, Bruce quickly sends it towards Hush.

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