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how to set up an outdoor concert

Make your concert an event, not just a performance. You can just show up and mosh, or if you’re like me…prepare well! Tuning the system, whether automatically or with EQ, is also important and needs to be carried out in the context of the venue, as open spaces are just as variable as rooms and halls. It's essential to rig a talkback system, and if there isn't one built into your mixer, you can set one up by plugging a spare mic into a spare channel on your desk, and routing it to the aux outputs so that you can communicate with the artists on stage. Line arrays tend to be more compact and easier to handle with fewer crew members, give nice, wide dispersion, and are scalable according to how far away the back of your audience will be. I'm glad I took this decision for a recent job, where my desk was knocked to the floor by an escaping gazebo. Begin with these ten things. You'll always get a dance group who rush up at the very last minute, thrusting something at you saying, "Right, it's the first bit of track seven, then play track four but stop after the 'Da da da' bit, then track 17 on the other CD, then I'm not sure... Oh, and as loud as you can,” which tells you all you need to know, I suppose. Here’s how to create an oasis for a backyard party where the revelers are satiated and no one gets eaten alive. In the summer, your organization might host various outdoor activities you want to stream: a wedding, a concert, or a festival. If your system just isn't cutting it, however, it's probably time to think about hiring in something more suitable, and of course the cost of this will have to be taken into account. The important thing is to be able to demonstrate that you have considered the risks involved in what you will be doing at the event (everything from unloading and rigging to packing away afterwards), and have identified what you will do to control them if necessary. In fact, it’s possible to set up and break down an outdoor home theater system in roughly half an hour with a little prep work. There are some things to consider regarding the shape of the room and how the speakers will interact with boundaries, such as the walls, the ceiling, and the floor.You want to get the best speakers your budget will allow. Instrument platforms, commonly offered alongside a portable stage, can cost up to $200 to $400 each, depending on the height. Use this guide to learn how to install a lamp post in concrete or without concrete. Unless your patio or deck is the size of a broom closet or you like to BBQ indoors (Fire Marshall Bob discourages that), you probably want the ability to hear sound from different locations on your property. I've learnt from bitter experience not to unload the van until the stage and mix position are ready and clear of other people drilling, hammering and climbing on things, but once all this is done, the setting-up process can begin as planned, and this is probably the most straightforward part — provided the planning was done properly! Maximum Size & Throw Distance. We still get cassettes and Minidiscs (which we can actually cope with), and various breeds of solid-state players, which, for some reason, their owners rarely seem able to operate. Mixers can cost around $20 to $250. Hosting a benefit concert series for your cause is one of the easiest and most rewarding methods of raising money. Prepping for an outdoor gig isn't all about the main speakers, however: the monitor system will also need to be powerful enough to meet the demands of those on stage. In comparison to planning an indoor event, outdoor event planning typically takes a little more effort and forethought. Set up utilities for your new property and take out an insurance policy to protect the business investment. Re: Why would Kurzweil have moved 'forward' by removing... 7 Lessons On Practicing Music You Can Take From John Co... One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! For example, you can use backdrops to create a scene that will fit with the theme of your concert. This is usually something like "10kW main system, 32 inputs to mixer, good-quality reverb and other effects, four separate monitor mixes to six wedges on stage, six vocal mics, six instrument mics, five drum mics, six DI inputs”. These 10 settings are no rules that you have to obey, but they’ve helped me building up my portfolio and becoming the music photographer I am today. All the drinks went out 30 minutes before the party started and I didn’t have to think about the bar until we were three How to Set Up an Outdoor P.A. Don't forget to include some form of protection for your cables too, preferably in the form of rubber cable covers, but even a few rubber-backed doormats can be useful for temporary protection or to stop cables rolling out of position or looking untidy. If it’s an outdoor concert in an open space, set up a great stage for your artists, rent the stage equipment including light and sound. I like to run the system gently for a few minutes, then put on a test track. In a perfect world, every live event broadcast would take place inside a warm building with fast, reliable internet access. This might not necessarily be the case, of course, and don’t forget that what the audience is hearing is not exactly the same as the sounds you will be hearing from the stage. This is much better than finding out too late — perhaps even on the day — that the demands can't be met. Pros of an outdoor festival. For this, you probably want to be somewhere around 90dBA (the “A” designates A weighting on the dB measurement) at I was truly inspired, this has helped me really wake up. I am usually content to agree an off-centre control position in return for a closed-off area to one side, which means that I can run all my cables and operate entirely within an audience-free zone. Wired is preferable, as it provides a more reliable connection and can be done as easily as plugging a long Ethernet cable into your encoder (like the BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro). Once the mics and stage lines have all been checked and all the monitor sends are up and running, it's time to tune the system, if you are so inclined, including notching out any problem frequencies either with a feedback processor or a graphic EQ. You'll gain practical experience in the skills needed to do the work and begin building a network fo professional connections to draw on when it's time to plan your own festival for the first time. Bear in mind, though, that using a 'longer' array means you will have to mount it higher, and this may be a problem at smaller events. Lighting can cost around $5 to $175. Here are a few important factors you’ll need to consider if organizing an outdoor event: 1. With my own setup, it works out that I set up the mixer end, while two other guys do the mains/monitors and stage rig, and all three come together in under an hour, including those little open-air touches like having to level off the speakers on uneven ground using a few wooden shims, having tarpaulins strategically placed near the kit, and so on. All the drinks went out 30 minutes before the party started and I didn’t have to think about the bar until we were three hours into the party and I topped up the ice all around. Low Light Concert Photography Tips – Low Light Settings Get tips and advice for photographing concerts with low light stages from world renowned photographer, Matthias Homauer. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. The 7 Best Virtual Staging Companies of 2020, Here's How the Every City Should Manage Its Public Events, Here Are Some Great Outdoor Corporate Event Ideas for the Summer, 5 Tips for Hiring Event Security Teams to Keep Your Event Safe and Sound, Here's What Your Coffee Shop Business Plan Should Look Like, Top 5 Tips for Organizing a Community Food Festival, 15 Easy, Inexpensive Businesses That You Can Start Today, 10 Fun and Cheap Ways to Reward Retail Employees, Yes, It's Possible to Have a Big Wedding on a Small Budget, Meeting Planning - Organizing Conventions & Conferences, The Balance Small Business is part of the. However, if the concert was bad, you must have noticed it. Hey Mona, I was looking for some information on tips for outdoor event planing, when I came across this post. Katie O’Reilly is the Senior Partner of Business Development at Kenmare Catering and Events , which operates the Germania Place location in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast. This poses a whole new set of challenges for your crew. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. One can never have too many XLR leads, mics, DI boxes or adaptors of every persuasion, so they always travel with me, on the basis that I'd rather have 20 spare mics in the van than be just one short for the gig. Backlight best conveys dynamics, shows color and looks awesome in haze.. For many shows, a simple black backdrop is the only set piece, so the flashing backlight doubles as the “set”.. Outdoor live-sound work can be immensely satisfying to do — but it also involves some serious preparation... Now that Summer is finally here, it's time to dust off the sun hat, deckchair and cool box — or should that be waterproof jacket, hot flask and tarpaulins? Plan what equipment is needed for the concert. You will likely need someone to focus on organizing the events/task schedule, an on-site venue manager, possibly a publicity representative, a talent agent, musicians, event staff and/or volunteers. For a truly stress-free outdoor party and outdoor entertaining experience, you want to keep the pests—and the guests—from buzzing in your ear. After sound is set up, tape or otherwise cover any cables that will be in place for the whole concert. Organisers are, understandably, optimistic about everything, including the weather, and do need to be pressed about their plans for an inclement spell. Have tickets printed if they are to be used. PA systems can be used for a variety of purposes and thus can be set up in a variety of configurations. The event organiser will have to prepare a risk assessment covering all the proposed activities within the event, and some, especially local authorities, will ask for a specific risk assessment to cover the operation of the sound system. This can be done through the use of stage curtains or even other types of displays. You’ll love it. Plan what equipment is needed for the concert. Many activities are common to both indoor and outdoor. Promising review (of the tote bag): "I purchased this bag to use at an outdoor music concert. As most of my summer work is outdoors, I keep a standard rig more-or-less ready to roll: the power cabling, leads trunk, mics, monitors and so on go out on every gig, as well as a set of main speakers appropriate to the event. With luck, the pack-up will be done in the dry, but if you're unlucky enough to cop a wet one, where the gear will be in the van overnight, try to dry everything off as it goes into the van, and maybe leave the speaker covers off so that air can circulate around them. Will a suitable and safety-certificated power supply be provided close to the performance area? Write out announcer notes for the concert. Every element of a concert can be within the purview of a concert promoter, but nothing is more and becoming the music photographer I am today. The next thing to consider is the food, drinks and other activities that will take place throughout the festival. And if I take a backup system, according to the teachings of Sod, the main speakers are guaranteed not to fail, ever. Furthermore the media will be impressed if you do something nobody h… Assuming that the speakers will be ground-stacked, try to leave the subs at ground level where possible, rather than putting them up on a stage, and try to get the top boxes high enough to be well over head height. The usual stage sound setup for smaller venues consists of microphones, speakers, a powered mixer, and a separate power amp and monitor speakers for the stage. If you don't seek these kind of assurances, it could also affect any claim you may make on your own insurance. Melanie Woodward wrote about event planning for The Balance Small Business, and is the creator of the popular Event Planning Blueprint. Our set-up was first and foremost a functional outdoor bar, which to me means roomy, sturdy and self-sufficient. Checklist for Indoor Venues Checklist for Outdoor Venues Once you know the basic principles to follow and gear Just when you think you have identified all of your expense categories, another one pops up to send you back to the drawing board. This is a topic for a separate discussion, but it's not something to avoid or place in the 'too difficult' category, as it's really only a matter of common sense. You can even set out a pot of bug-repelling plants like lavender, basil, rosemary and mint. Set up your own ded… Alyssia- Promoter. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. Outdoor events often feature a line-up of different acts, and sometimes the sound crew are expected to manage them on and off stage, although most performers will set up their own instruments and backline. This really should be the easy bit, where all the petty problems have been resolved and you can start to fully enjoy operating out of doors. One way of getting the organiser to understand and sympathise with the sound requirements is to explain in practical terms what providing live sound for their event invloves, and I have found that a quick diagram with a few arrows showing the signal path from stage mics to desk and back to front of house speakers is a useful tool. Write down seating plans for the group and give copies of these plans to the set-up crew. I make a point of specifying that we can play audio CDs that are not damaged, dirty (exhibiting traces of jam, for example) or carrying clipped material, but it's almost a dead cert that we'll get at least one data disc which their dad made on his laptop and they know it works because the laptop plays it. Not only will you build local awareness and gain support for your organization, but you'll also get to Give these people another reason to come back to your next show. If there's no clearly defined audience area, the audience will invariably spread themselves out widely, which you should take into account when choosing and setting up the PA system. Don’t book a concert the same night as a major competing event that your fans will already be at. Advertisement. Often, the field or outdoor space you choose won’t have been designed for music events. What is a "hybrid" audio interface anyway? It will take a large number of people to pull off a successful event. The last outdoor festival I went to (which wasn’t an overnight camping weekend) had this rules list: No coolers, chairs or umbrellas No outside food or drink (excluding 1 sealed bottle of water no larger than 750 ml) Lamp posts are an ideal outdoor lighting option for front and back yards. There are obvious things to ask, such as the date, location and nature of the event (stage concert, arena display, and so on), but many more things need to be nailed down, because there's a very big decision to make here, and that's whether or not you feel capable of taking on the job at all. For the sake of a small amount of space and an extra few minutes, you might also consider taking an extra small-format mixer along, because if your main board has a spectacular fail, you could at least get a few channels up and running. Another means to cover gear is to incorporate it into your display. Stream Live Events on Facebook Our set-up was first and foremost a functional outdoor bar, which to me means roomy, sturdy and self-sufficient. Will the organisers be putting appropriate security and safety measures in place. What limitations exist regarding the running of cables within the site? I've been confronted upon arrival with various issues, like "Sorry, the stage hasn't happened,” or "We've got to change field,” and even "I'm still trying to get a generator sorted out...” None of which are directly to do with the sound but all of which have a profound effect. This allows you to preview your video, change privacy settings, and set up manual start and stop. Since every setup will be a little different, we recommend you view each and then determine which type of configuration works best for your setup. Hosting a benefit concert series for your cause is one of the easiest and most rewarding methods of raising money. All that said outdoor events present a whole new set of challenges, complications and logistical concerns. With separate outdoor volume controls, you can easily crank the baseball game while you grill at one location and pump music out for your guests el… Convert concert goers to fans. Outdoor lighting illuminates your yard. Whether you’re most interested in an event space for weddings, parties, or a concert hall for shows, there are certain aspects of the business that remain constant. Jan 9, 2017 - Explore Joey Spivey's board "outdoor stage ideas", followed by 103 people on Pinterest. Give the evening a purpose. The sound system is often the last thing on site, and unless you've come to an arrangement with the organisers (or you've supplied them yourself), it's likely that the lights will be dismantled long before you've finished. Fun, but totally nuts. Stacking two subs together, rather than one either side of the stage, for example, could improve the system's projection. More space and the ability to set up multiple stages. Make sure your event will work in an outdoor setting Not every event will work out-of-doors. The live sound requirement for an outdoor event can be anything from a fully detailed technical specification to a vague notion from the event organisers that "we might need something.” The first contact with the organiser is often a simple message to say that they need a PA system for their event, and this is a crucial part of the process, because it's important to establish certain key facts early on — especially for outdoor venues, as there are more variables. If there is a nearby business or institution with a fast internet connection, you may be able to use their network to live stream outdoor content. Outdoor events often feature a line-up of different acts, and sometimes the sound crew are expected to manage them on and off stage, although most performers will set up … It is important to incorporate as many components as possible to attract a wide variety of attendees. Set up a backstage, dressing room and take care of the food arrangements at the concert. It’s also cheap and easy to set up. Festival Day & Wrap-Up. More. Think ahead of everyone that should be involved to ensure they are on board and fully informed of all details. This is also a good time to try out those input-polarity switches on your subs that you've never used before, and if you can adjust your crossover frequency, you can try making the subs work a bit harder, leaving the mid-range/top boxes to concentrate on putting across the vocal range more effectively. This article is designed to help you how to get the most out of your live streaming events, be it an outdoor concert, a church sermon, a fashion show, or a conference. It brightens your patio and helps deter crime or vandalism at night. 10 of 14. Someone wants to cover one of my songs... but wants to ... Is there a site plan showing the performance area, mix position and audience coverage area? In fact, streaming live video often involves capturing outdoor events, which present a unique set of challenges, opportunities, and requirements. It also clarifies the need for power supplies of the right type and in the right place (see the 'Powering Up' box), and the need to position the mixing area appropriately. Festival day is nuts. With any luck, you’ll be able to check everything off the party planning checklist and have some fun, too. If you are operating under a contract of services, it's advisable to include a clause about what facilities the organisers are responsible for providing. Outdoor power cables need to be fitted with IEC60309 standard connectors (the 'domestic' type should really only be for backline and individual pieces of gear within the system), and should be either armoured or suitably rated for outdoor use. Figure out how many artists are involved in the concert. Don't forget to take along something to eat and plenty of water to drink, as once you're up and running it can be very difficult to get away for a break. One of the most fun aspects of outdoor movie viewing is that you can go big without much expense. When all is prepared, it's time to get on with the soundchecks, if any, and these are pretty much the same as for an indoor session. With the PA running at a moderate volume, I'll have a walk around the whole audience area to spot any obvious holes in the sound or inconsistencies in the balance. The weather will be a primary concern at any outdoor event. First Look: Pro Tools | Carbon. It's very tempting to just throw everything into the nearest trunk and resolve to sort it out back at base, but it doesn't take much longer to check and pack everything properly, and it means there's less chance of missing something if it all goes into its usual container in the usual way. Re: 7 Lessons On Practicing Music You Can Take From Joh... Re: One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! Outdoor spaces are generally much less reflective than the great indoors, and whilst this is a good thing for sound quality and clarity, it means that the perceived sound levels can be lower: a rig that really pumps out in the local hall can sound very weak when faced with a grass floor and no walls. At almost any outdoor event, there's the matter of electrical power to be agreed and sorted out, and assuming that you don't have your own generator, this is always, always something I insist that the organisers provide themselves. How to Promote a Concert. Ask the organisers to make sure the supply is robust enough to handle it. Hall’s Septic Services is here to help. For live-sound professionals, all this will be part and parcel of their everyday operations, but in this article I'll be taking a look at outdoor sound from a smaller PA owner or operator's point of view, as getting into outdoor work can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, provided you prepare well and know your own limitations. Pulling it off will require some planning and maybe even a rehearsal or two. For a truly stress-free outdoor party and outdoor entertaining experience, you want to keep the pests—and the guests—from buzzing in your ear. Instead, put out patio or folding camping chairs. More room for vendors. A canopy to protect the stage from the outdoor elements, if not included with the setup, could cost another $400 to $650, depending on the size of it. See more ideas about outdoor stage, outdoor, backyard. For a wireless IP camera, you need to use a network cable to connect it to the router if you haven't set up the WiFi network configuration. For a classical concert, you probably can just go up to the stage at the end of the concert and say hello and thank you to specific artists. But, don’t stress. In addition to the basics, it's also important to establish exactly what is expected of the sound crew on the day. It's very tempting to just say yes because you really want the gig, but it's worth adopting a business-planning approach, where you realistically assess your capability to deliver what's required, and don't take on something you can't really handle. You can even ask bands to set up team pages and fundraise in the weeks leading up to the show. Mastering Essentials Part 5 - Compression & Limiting, Mastering Essentials Part 4 - Mastering EQ: Balance, Don’t Match. I always try and prioritise the points that will have a major impact on what I'm going to be doing, and my own list includes all the above, plus: If, as is often the case with smaller outdoor events, the organisers are inexperienced regarding the technical side of things, they will probably ask for advice on some of these issues (or may not have thought of them at all), which is a great opportunity to influence things for the better.

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