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‘Royal Velvet’ English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Royal Velvet) is very showy in bloom. Hidcote Blue Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Blue) is an improved strain of Hidcote English Lavender with darkly colored lavender-blue flower spikes in late spring. Choose French-hybrid lavenders to fill large spaces, English dwarf varieties, such as Wee One, for small spaces. Thank you. ©2005 Ma. thinking of ordering a few seeds on ebay and starting them this summer.good luck and keep dreaming big! Lantana 'Trailing Lavender… This exclusive HCG selection of English lavender has some of the darkest colored flowers youll ever see making it a stand-out in your garden! May i know the update? naiiyak ako while reading this, mukhang ewan lang but honestly i did, dahil sa kagustuhan kong makahanap ng farm or flower shop na may lavender, I found this blog. Plants in an affordable range with Ferns N Petals Vouchers. I also correctly identified a flower I later bought as Agapanthus africanus or 'Lily of the Nile", the owner alteast asked for me to write down the name. As low as $9.98 Sale $4.99. Why try and grow exotics when there are so many tropical plants that thrive here.For example, the Jade vine, Heliconias and Ginger plants, orchids, etc. This variety has nice chubby mid-blue flowe... Lavandula angustifolia Vera is an outstanding heirloom English Lavender known for its sweetly fragrant oil, dark lavender-blue flower spikes, and compact growth habit. when i tried placing it in full sun that recieve around six hours of sunlight last march, the leaves started blakened/ dry. Hello, how often should I water it and how many seeds per cup? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Our Lavender Collection includes carefully selected fragrant, hardy and long-blooming varieties. I put some rocks at the bottom of the pots and mixed the soil with a bit of sand to make sure that even if I water, there would be enough air to circulate around the roots. :) thank you!! 5. Had a bit of woody stems about three inches. Feature newsletter: Lavender: 1.2.3 CHOOSING, PLANTING, GROWING, PRUNING, HARVESTING AND USING . To choose the best plants for your garden, use our filters below. Heat-loving and drought-tolerant, 'Provence' has been known to withstand some bouts of humidity. Purple Haze Lavender is a 12 acre Certified Organic Lavender Farm in the Dungeness Valley on the Washington State Olympic Peninsula. The fragrance is renowned for its relaxing properties, and the flowers are popular to pick for the vase. Please feel free to comment or ask a question if you need clarification. Per Plant - 3" Pot 'Munstead' Lavender is an English Lavender that has fragrant, cool lavender-blue spikes and gray-green, mounded foliage. Hosta Mixed - 6 Perennial Bare Roots. What I do during garden shows is I take picture of the flowers of the plants I like (inluding the leaves), take note of the characteristics and reverse image search the flowers. I'm getting sick and tired of Wordpress because I've had issues with hackers and I'm looking at options for another platform.I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform. And while it can endure many climates, it thrives in warmer areas. May nagbigay po sa akin ngayon lang ng seeds ng lavender... nagsearch pi ako sa net para makkuha ako ng info paano mapatubo ito ng maganda at lumabas po sa unahan ang blog nyo... salamat po at may mga updates po kayo sa kung paano ko gagawin ang mga bagay bagay sa pagtatanim nito... umaasa rin po ang nagbigay sa aking ng buto na mabibigyan ko siya ng mga bagong tubo nito kapag aking nabuhay. So they dont look as vibrant or as compact as the ones in the picture. If you want perfume then grow Oriental lilies and white Ginger. 17-32 of 612 results for "lavender plants for sale" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. It is covered with long stemmed, dark navy blue and lavender flower spikes. Hi, I'm from aklan province and planted my lavender seeds last year december 2015.They all sprouted, but until now (sept '15) they only grew 6 inches.They are not bushy and very very droopy, although I put them under direct sunlight and move them in when it's raining.I'm scared they might die. Compare grass types with our lawn comparison chart. Maybe because the temperature was too hot? A hard-to-find, twice blooming cultivar flowers in late spring and again in September. An impressive profuse bloomer ideal for drying or culinary use. i found Lavender for only P50 per plastic pot i'm planning to buy more and start my own Lavender garden in our backyard:). The nursery experts at Garden Goods Direct have put together a robust collection of indoor plants for sale, so you’re sure to find a plant that matches your unique style. Many of our lavenders are often available in plug trays. Lavender is steam distilled from the flowering tops of the plant, and it takes 27 square feet of lavender plants to make one 15-ml bottle of Lavender essential oil. Can I which type of lavender seed you planted? I dont know if its because it is a certain kind/specie of lavender or because it didnt have that much sunlight. The Three-Tier Lavender Collection features three graduating sizes of lavender - compact, midsized, and tall varieties - that will bloom late spring through summer, and again in fall. - Buy Lavender Plant 1 feet tall Lavandula angustifolia Vera is an outstanding heirloom English Lavender known for its sweetly fragrant oil, dark lavender-blue flower spikes, and compact growth habit. The name of the plant is catmint and it is still a few weeks old. These trays hold 128 of all the same plant. Look for a commercial … There are so many beautiful tropical plants that thrive here! Please do let us know if the fertilizer worked so I can try it with my lavender as well. Theme images by, So I took the initiative and started my own experiment to see how they will thrive here in Manila. Pls use a sprayer and just don't overwater. It's a prolific producer, sending up multiple flowers on its bushy plants that attract and support bees and butterflies. Thank you and God Bless always. Edelweiss French Hybrid Lavender (Lavandula intermedia) blooms with a profuse summer display of snowy white flowers and sweetly aromatic foliage. This mid-sized French hybrid is a unique specimen for any gardener who loves Lavender. Boasting over 7,000 plants, the property is surrounded by 75 acres of conservation land with woodland walking trails. thanks! Yes it most certainly can! More compact than 'Grosso' but with equally darkly colored flowers, the scent is sweeter and with less camphor. I placed it in a partly shaded area that recieve around three hours of sunlight in the morning and it seemed to thrive in there. We often have similar items available, so please utilize our search or filters (on the left) to explore other options. Lavender SA Welcome to Lavender SA on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria, South-Africa. Lavender Plants Lavender 'French' $9.95. After planting, give the area a good water. The way we decorate our gardens relates to our personal tastes. They love the sun, at first I kept them partly shaded but noticed they kept leaning to the side where light is coming from so I place the pots in the open field and only bring them in if there is heavy rain. All rights reserved.. Lavender 'Phenomenal' $9.95. I own a small business called FN Enterprises Ph, and lavender is one of my ingredients. Lavender plants (Lavandula) are enjoyed for their richly colored flowers and fabulous soothing fragrance. Just keep it moist while wiating for the seeds to germinate. Lavandula angustifolia Sharon Roberts is an outstanding twice blooming English Lavender with spikes of bicolored lavender-blue and gray-green foliage. This is our album of tropical flowers, plants, and trees we have seen in the Philippines. The grey leaves are off set by dark purple flower heads that appear from summer through to early autumn. FlowerKisser™ After Midnight English Lavender has stunning, dark colored flower spikes with deep indigo-blue calyxes and large violet-purple flowers on a medium sized plant with gray-green foliage. Source Image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/58/Klimag%C3%BCrtel-der-erde.png, Image source: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5180/5490367969_e2fa335ba0_z.jpg, Image source: http://cdn.sulitstatic.com/server2/images/2013/0626/062541183_396efbb505fc2d520ed41ee1d982833d3642b594.jpg, Image Source: http://thegraphicsfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Lavender-Plant-Stock-Image-graphicsfairy3.jpg, Image source: http://media-cache-ec3.pinimg.com/736x/15/da/74/15da743146f9af78b4f1707c2ddcb45c.jpg. Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm Lavender SA was founded in 2012 as a contributor to the the flower and plant industry in South Africa. I bought specialty seeds at SM Supermarket which says: Right now, I am still in the first part of Step 3, which is dreaming big. Inspired? Lavender 'Goodwin Creek Grey' $9.95. Will you please drop me a e-mail? But we've been getting summer rain and a few more died. :), Hi Maya! This is how the pros plant their fields buy either purchasing bulk wholesale the desired number of plugs or propagating their own by way of cuttings. Lisa x. I want to try growing lavender but it is very hot here in our province and not sure if it is possible. :). Thanks for reading my blog. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant (xeric). This plant is very tough and drought-resistant once established, and only needs full sun and good drainage. I grow lavender in the mountains outside of San carlos city. I also got some lavender seeds but I am not sure if they will grow. The following items are either out of season or we've sold out of our inventory. Not many plants can match Lavender for both fragrance, foliage and flowers. How's the lavender farm dream going? The first potted lavender plants that I ever nurtured died in a short period of time. Does anyone here successfully made it (i mean until the lavender had flowers?). Your lavender will thrive, just get them out of the rain and water lightly.Good luck to you! I knew what I needed to do to keep them growing, but as this is an experiment on how they will thrive under natural conditions here in Manila, I didn't do it. Thumbelina Leigh is a robust dwarf growing English variety with plump, deep lavender-blue flower spikes, and a strong, sweet fragrance. @Meaw Me, I planted both dentata and lavandula. Enjoy lovely Lavender all season long! Wish me luck! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Or, call us at (800) 925-9387 for help. Lavandula dentata? ... like the Philippines, tropical plants from all over the world are enjoyed there. and Saturday 7am - 3pm MT. its very fragrant especially when your'e watering them.the only problem is, i never had the chance to make it bloom!! Grow them into something like this: So to answer the question on whether lavender can grow in the Philippines? Hi, may i ask where you bought the lavender seeds from here in the Philippines? This mid-sized French hybrid is a un... ‘Royal Velvet’ English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Royal Velvet) is very showy in bloom. Okay So i bought a potted lavender here in baguio city this january (from a stall near the baguio cathedral) it was abit mature already. I love lavender and I want it to be locally produced. I asked the Manong taking my orders (I was originally looking for roses and succulents) if they were real lavenders and he told me that their flowers are blue. Lavender plants like “lean” soil with excellent drainage and prefer a slightly alkaline pH. You can order plants online to India or any other international destination with absolute ease. Types of Indoor House Plants for Sale. nope... it's hot where I'm at.It will grow butyou just have to take extra care.Please check my monthly updates for helpful tips.Give it a go. This article has truly peaked my interest. It is a member of the mint family, and can be used for medicinal or culinary purposes. And also the fertilizer you use? Makes a lovely hedge. 7. But the new ones I planted from cuttings are thriving so I plan to plant more. I actually uprooted a young plant (3 inches tall) and gave it to the cat. It can grow on pots but not if you plant it straight to the ground because of the elements and as with other plants it will die when big storms come. Grow to the climate! Choice of 5 or 15 plants. Gros Bleu is a hybrid French Lavender that is considered to be the very best of all the French hybrids. This post about growing lavender in the Philippines is one my life dreams. Please check out the 'Gardening' tab in my blog to see my monthly updates: http://purpleowyn.blogspot.com/p/tropical-gardening.html#.U2bmQIGSyNY. Hi Jabby,2x a week. Good luck! Our selection ... Lavandula angustifolia Wee One is a special dwarf English Lavender that blooms with a wonderful display of short blue flower spikes only 10" tall. Plant in a soothing monochromatic color scheme, or plant with blue flowered cultivars to create a delightful color combination. Bulk Lavender Plants For Sale Ever wonder where to buy young Lavender plants in quantity? Thanks for finally writing about >"Growing Lavender in the Philippines"

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