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longest manual pole saw

However, you won’t feel it difficult to handle the saw at full length due to the Mid-Mount Motor – The motor is mounted in the middle of the saw, making the saw balanced. Lightweight . This pole saw can cut up to 7.5 inches of softwood with its 6.5-amp motor. Ultimately, we end up going for the cheapest ones without knowing what we’re buying. 4 Things to Consider When Buying a Manual Pole Saw So you should only use this tool for trimming high branches and cutting off small logs. The MAXTRA 2-stroke gas pole saw appears to be specially built for handling heavy-duty cutting tasks. I found a lot of information here I have not seen on similar pages. But, don’t worry; we’re here with the nitty-gritty of pole saws that you should keep in mind while buying one in our extended buyers’ guide. With a pole saw, your most basic manual form is going to be a long pole that’s often extendable to around 10-20 feet, and a horizontal hacksaw-like blade on end, usually with a slight curve. Trust us, being introduced to the best pole saws doesn’t make you an expert at choosing the best one instantly. Pick a type that suits you, and consider these specifications: Snow Joe and Sun Joe were founded in 2004 as a manufacturer of cleaning equipment. Also, its noise levels are intolerable; however, the manufacturers provide free mufflers to protect our ears while using this device. Or you can call a professional if the task is so hard. "url": " https://cdn.homesthetics.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/logonew2.png" But in the long run, the product falls short in terms of consistent performance. Oregon is best known as the manufacturers of high-end and powerful tools and is mostly recommended by professionals. It can get deafeningly loud at times, for which we’d recommend the users to wear noise cancellation headphones for safety. I'd been contemplating rigging up something for trimming the pines and palms here at the house as well as the pecans at the farm, so after reading this I finally said it was time to do something. Furthermore, we’ve found that this model comes with an impressive long reach of 12 ft, which makes it simply appropriate for small-end jobs. As expected, this product left a considerably good impression on the grounds of user convenience and flexibility. Of course I had to start out with a Homelite (what else right?) In the wood-saw industry, Silky has been the leader in both design and innovation since the early 1900s. However, the PS250-E6 model seems to cut through this stereotype with its impressive chainsawing power with ease (no pun intended). Hope the information in this article will help you find the suitable pole saw! I find a little graphite on the blade makes for easy cuts on large branches. If you want a super powerful and portable pole saw, you should choose a gas pole saw. "mainEntityOfPage": "https://homesthetics.net/longest-pole-saws-for-tree-pruning/", First and foremost, a saw that doesn’t offer you a satisfying cutting thickness has ultimately zero value in terms of usability. They are portable, convenient, and quiet. Maxtra Gas Pole Saw is the longest gas pole saw for heavy-duty tree pruning tasks. On the other hand, this product appears to be highly unstable when it is extended fully. Max Reach: If the pole saw can’t reach the targeted branches, you’ll have to use an additional ladder, which causes a lot more risk and inconvenience. On that note, always make sure that you’re buying a model that offers a minimum height of 14 ft. If you can’t pull the drive links out of the bar nose, the chain tension is correct. The saw features a razor sharp 13-inch bi-directional cut. This STIHL® Precision Series™ Manual Telescoping Pole Pruner provides precision cuts for those hard-to-reach-places, yet is durable enough to handle your busy workload. There’s a significant problem with this model- it’s nearly impossible to use it for a longer time. They are also as portable as cordless pole saws. Worx WG309 is a convenient 2-in-1 electric saw that’s powerful enough to cut small hardwood trunks. Also, although we were a bit skeptical about its stability due to its high reach, this product appears as highly stable at its maximum height. Most importantly, its advanced Power-lever technology is something to look out for! Remington has brought a straightforward and reliable branch trimming tool to you for your yard tasks. ], This model is built with fiberglass material with a glossy grey finish, making it very pleasing aesthetically. Now, coming to the key features, you have to keep these following factors in mind while buying a pole saw! This extended stick makes pruning the high branches of trees a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. This one is an appropriate handheld manual pole saw that fits your budget and provides sufficient power to get your DIY tasks done. On that note, this model exterminates this issue with its cordless feature, enabling it to be used without being dependent on any external power source. Gas pole saws have massive power. Max Cutting Thickness: If your purpose is just light to medium work, a max cutting thickness capacity of 4 – 5 inches is enough. I immensely enjoy how these amazing products improve productivity and efficiency, and allow me to do jobs for which I would’ve otherwise needed professional help. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars: … This uneven distribution of weight makes it a little uncomfortable to carry around for a longer time. Furthermore, the fiberglass also makes sure that the product will last for years to come and make medium-duty easier. Now coming to its USP of multifunctionality, you can easily use it as a pole saw by attaching the stick, which helps in cutting the hard to reach tree branches with ease. The main purpose of this page is to help you in selecting the one that best fits your needs. The product had initially surprised us with its immense flexibility, which helped it earn a thumbs up from us. Furthermore, the manufacturers have raised the bar higher for user comfort with a rotatable handle, making it easier to auto-lubricate the device. "@type": "ImageObject", If you’re prioritizing pole length the most, we’d recommend you to buy the Silky 179-39 model that offers an impressive reach of 26 ft. Corded pole saws are the most popular type used by homeowners since they are very easy to use and able to handle most of the household tasks. Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. Product Title Sun Joe SWJ803E Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw , 10 inch - 8.0 Amp (Green) Average Rating: (4.5) out of 5 stars 482 ratings, based on 482 reviews. Now, this model also beats the Black & Decker model with its extended 15 ft long reach, making it even more favorable for heavy-duty work. Silky Saws is often recognized as a “classic innovator” amongst professionals, as they offer the best-looking industrial models for heavy-duty jobs. You’re the source of power. The 14 ft pole is adequately locked with a quick-release thumb lock that offers higher stability while working. Maximum cutting capacity: 1-1/2 inch diamater (pruner blade). At present, Silky products are holding the highest standard of quality, endurance, and cutting efficiency that none can match. They have a wide range of products from lawn mowers, trimmers, tillers, to snow blowers, especially pole saws. This feature makes it possible to reach unconventional areas with ease and make the cuts in numerous positions. Premium manual saw head provides long lasting durability; Includes W/PS 80 curved blade (not pictured) Description; Specs; Reviews; Q & A; Parts; Compare; Top. "@type": "Organization", Required fields are marked *, These are an ideal for the homeowners, as they are incredibly lightweight, low-priced and run on electricity, These serve the same purpose as the corded electric ones, except for offering higher portability and user convenience, These are more appropriate for the professionals, as these are very powerful and can be used anywhere without being dependent on a power source, These are very basic in terms of specifications, and are suitable for pruning and trimming gardens. If you want a pole saw with the most profound cutting thickness, the Oregon PS250-E6 model can cut through 8 inches with precision. But you’d better be careful. Yes, you can. Which otherwise (if overlooked) can damage the model in the long run. We’re quite impressed with its double-pulley feature, which makes tree pruning easier than it has even been. However, the Mid-mount motor helps in distributing the overall weight of the product evenly, making it a lot easier to carry and use for a long time. Product Image. It also has a super powerful 42.7cc 2-cycle engine with Quick Start technology. But, we’ll be back soon with more exciting product recommendations to make your lives easier. Last but not least, the pole is built with premium fiberglass material that assures us high durability. There are also some really powerful battery-powered pole saws for heavy-duty tasks. Manual pole saws: Suitable for men who want to involve in yard work and feel the jobs by their own hands. This means getting the right tool for the job, and the longest pole saw on the market. We’re also satisfied with its low noise levels, which altogether provided us with a satisfying user experience. What safety gear should you wear when using a pole saw? Fiskers 92406935K extendable tree pruner is one of the most useful and most popular manual poles saw around. With that being said, we take your leave for now. Sun Joe is an internationally renowned brand that specializes in manufacturing trailblazing equipment at a meager price. Thought you may want to add the Echo Power Pruner PPT-2620. "headline": "Top 10 Longest Pole Saws For Tree Pruning in 2020", Due to this, the electric socket has to be incredibly near to the workstation. In spite of its high user convenience features, the manufacturers failed to facilitate a considerably long power cord with this model. Gas-powered pole saws: Suitable for commercial uses thanks to its super power and capacity. It is also lightweight as a pole saw, however, it does require some strength to cut at full length. Also, we have to mention how this model is built with sturdy plastic and metal, which combine to enhance its durability by a fair deal. Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw with... Worx WG309, 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw &... BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw, 8-Inch (LPP120). A great multi-purpose tool for the homeowner, Pole Saw Direct offers the longest (26 feet tip-to-tip), lightest (7 pounds), and most versatile, manual pole saw available today! In other words, the bottom of its pole comes with a rubberized grip and an advanced end-shock absorbing technology. "description": "A gardener’s OCD is triggered in an instant when they find out that their tree branches are out of shape, worry not, Longest Pole Saws For Tree Pruning. Although the design is pretty stylish, it isn’t very convenient to work with. While most of the products on our list weigh an average of 10 lbs, this model weighs around 7.1 lbs without fuel. Under a considerable price tag, this doesn’t seem quite bad for a medium-duty tool. Also, this model offers a maximum cutting depth of 1.5 inches, which is too little for heavy-duty use. Top 8 Best Cordless Pole Saws Backyard Experts Recommend – 2020, Top 9 Best Grills For Beginners (Quick Reviews) – 2020 Update, Top 6 Best Chainsaws For Cutting Firewood (Reviews) – 2020 Update, Top 8 Best Portable Table Saws For Fine Woodworking – 2020, NeedForHome is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Top 8 Longest Pole Saws For Tree Pruning (Quick Reviews) – 2020, How to choose the longest pole saw (buying guide). So, even if it may be ideal for beginners and DIY enthusiasts, it may not be the best option for regular professionals. Pole saws aren’t as simple as they were 7-8 years ago; technology has evolved rapidly, and so has this piece of equipment. At full length, Worx WG309 is very top-heavy that requires a lot of effort to use it. We’re also quite impressed with how the blade offers a cutting depth of 1.25 inches, without going anywhere close beyond its limits. It would’ve been better if the manufacturers could lower the price tag a bit low so that more people can afford it. Although there’s not enough scope to complain about this rather splendid pole saw, we’re not entirely satisfied with its noise levels. Designed for the demanding needs of daily professional use, the Shindaiwa PT262S is a cut above the rest. And if you have a few trees, a manual pole saw is all you need.

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