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timbertech decking problems

CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners can be used with all of the TimberTech solid planks (with a routed groove): XLM, Earthwood, TwinFinish, and … We spoke with TimberTech last year in regards to the deck we had built at 421 Hillcrest Dr. using Timbertech Lumber. Despite the decking being advertised as maintenance-free, several homeowners have complained that their decking was stained or damaged even when it arrived at their houses. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Composition Trex is a true composite material, comprised of recycled wood (in the form of wood chips and pressed sawdust) and recycled … Use of any alternative fastener does not void the TimberTech warranty; however, if a decking failure is caused by using one of these alternative fastening methods, any corresponding claims will be denied. Timbertech Composite Decking Color Chart Winner: Timbertech Timbertech is the clear winner here offering a larger variety of decking models, styles, materials and colors to choose from at a multitude of price points. TimberTech AZEK Decking. Its Tember Tech T&G decking. Attorneys Custom Options Available . Scratching is an issue with all deck materials. working with ClassAction.org are no longer investigating this matter. I tried to wash it off and some of the stain came out but most stayed. Check out the full answer to find further information on painting or staining your TimberTech decking. Choosing the best approach for removing scratches depends on the particular decking line. We work closely with class action and mass tort attorneys across the country and help with investigations into corporate wrongdoing. Staining is a major problem with older model Trex decking and a huge issue with older composite decking products in general. Every decking product has a 25-year fade, stain, and performance warranty, except for the Paramount PVC line which has a limited lifetime warranty. Trex vs Timbertech – Fasteners Both Trex and Timbertech come in either a solid edge or … In this case, anyone who has TimberTech decking and experienced the discoloration problems caused by the alleged defect may be able to seek compensation for repair and replacement costs, among other damages. lawsuits can be viewed here. In addition to decking, Lowe’s also carries AZEK railing, AZEK trim and AZEK fasteners as well as TimberTech railing and TimberTech fasteners. Staining Problems With Trex Decking. All it did was cover them up. The Problems With Composite Decking. Plan your visit to see selections in-store and start your project off strong. TimberTech decking is a composite material made of wood particles and high-density polyethylene, with added compounds to resist rot, mold and scratching. Boy I'm a sucker. View our PRO Composite Decking collection which come in a variety of materials including wood-plastic composite, capped composite, & PVC. Get free shipping on qualified TimberTech Decking or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Lumber & Composites Department. About TimberTech Decking Products TimberTech is also a large brand with various decking product … A wire brush, Minwax stain and a soldering iron are some methods based on model and damage severity. TimberTech Common Questions (FAQ) We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about TimberTech. Contacted TT to inform them of the findings. I assumed this product had gone through at least a couple of years of testing. New cases and investigations, settlement deadlines, and news straight to your inbox. Hollow composite decking is notoriously short-lived, often bowing and cracking within a few months of purchase; however, TimberTech's solid composite decking is far sturdier, which is why we offer a 25 year residential warranty with all … Stains result from mold, dirt, grease or reaction with rubber or vinyl matting. Our solution, after discussing this with Timbertech and verifying that it won't cause issues with the decking later, was to rout out a small area in the decking directly where the screw makes contact with the next board. Timbertech and Trex are two of the most popular composite decking companies in the decking industry. TimberTech failed to honor warranties. Property owners have complained that, in some cases, the decking showed signs of failure on its first day of use, even when installed correctly. You would think AT LEAST the product wouldn't ooze any compounds that make up its structure or its coloration. It’s available in colors ranging from red and brown to gray and blonde. The accounts of issues are repeated with a frightening regularity and sameness throughout the threads of complaints. Composite decking lasts longer, there’s no sanding or staining involved, and they’re much more durable. Damaged composite decking is something most homeowners are concerned about, and for a good reason. Consumers have reported a number of problems with TimberTech's XLM line of decking, including discoloration, cracking and premature failure of the product. (I understand that Fiberon has an added environmental plus of being recyclable at end-of-life but it doesn't seem as easy to source at my deck guy's preferred store.) TimberTech® Decking at Lowe’s® TimberTech is partnering with Lowe’s to give you more ways to experience products, choose colors, and build your ideal outdoor space. While early versions of TimberTech decking faded rapidly, the addition of a bonded protector eliminates unusual fading. CCMS HAS ENDED ITS INVESTIGATION INTO THIS ISSUE. Now, the deck board will seat easily when attached to the fasteners. Below are some of the issues … Fading is caused by weathering and is natural for all deck products. ... Can CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners be used with other decking styles? It's as if the boards are weeping the stain. Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is a plastic-like product used in many applications. According to the lawsuit, the decking’s protective coating deteriorates prematurely, causing the decking to show obvious discoloration, which has been described by property owners as “milky white,” “chalky,” “like diluted milk” and “dark brown.” Consumers who bought or own the XLM decking line on their properties may be able to take part in this lawsuit to seek compensation for repair and replacement costs, among other damages. A class action lawsuit allows people who have faced the same problem to come together and seek compensation from a company. TimberTech though I'm open to other suggestions. TimberTech recommends using leg caps on deck furniture and grill mats to minimize this risk, avoiding vinyl or rubber. By Kelly Tucker. I have also had a huge problem with Timbertech decking material. However, TimberTech only comes in one color. Scratching, fading, mold, heat buildup and becoming slippery when wet are some problems reported for TimberTech decking, as of 2015. TimberTech can not guarantee the performance of anything applied to the product. Composite decking has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 90s, and TimberTech and Trex have led the way through growth and innovation. (We used a 1/2" radius roundover bit). There are a multitude of problems with composite decking that show up all too often to be just a stray issue for a hard to please homeowner. PVC Decking Problems: Consumers Complain About Defective PVC Decks, Railings, and Stairs – TimberTech, Tamko and Others the Culprits. information here is for reference only. At first, it appear to have removed them, but after a day or two and rain, they were still there. We tried washing them off again, but no go. A list of open investigations and TimberTech composite decking outperforms competition in both its moisture resistance and style. I also have a back porch that has some frost and blackening on the ends of the boards.”, “Had TT Harvest Bronze installed in July, 2011. ... TimberTech AZEK Harvest PVC Decking Board (6) Starting at $ 39 48. I purchased the Twin Finish in grey, but some of the boards after taking off the shrink wrap were stained with some kind of brown material. The lawsuit claims TimberTech’s warranty agreement expressly states that decking materials will be delivered “free from material defects.” This warranty is offered for 25 years from the date of the decking’s installation, yet the decking is allegedly failing far earlier than expected. Yes. If you’ve chosen low maintenance, weather and scratch-resistant composite for your decking project, you really can’t go wrong with either brand but it is definitely worth a … Timbertech is one of the world class leading manufacturers of durable, low maintenance, high quality capped and traditional wood-plastic, composite decking, railing and fastening solutions. Timbertech Deck Problems. Timbertech, is a subsidiary of Azek building products, founded in 1983, in Skokie, Illinois, USA. It’s comprised of 100% synthetic materials, so it’s not susceptible to moisture related deterioration commonly seen with wood. Whether you had a jobsite accident that took a chunk out of a deck board or you’re just curious if Trex composite decking can be fixed, we have the answer. TimberTech’s XLM line of outdoor decking is treated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and advertised as being easy to maintain and longer-lasting than wooden or other composite decks. It was installed in 2008 and within 1 year was beginning to warp and since has progressively failed. It also suggests limiting power washers to 1500 pounds per square inch, using a fan tip and directing the spray parallel to any pattern. Blacking like this was a problem with 1st generation Trex decking that has been corrected with newer models. Structural integrity risks are less prevalent and are mitigated by following installation recommendations. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. They also claim that their products are mold and mildew resistant.The protective shell around the composite core is designed to protect against fading, staining and scratching.

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